I had an amazing time the day I met the Duchess of Gloucester. I am a Badger at St John Ambulance Service and when my mum and dad told me I was going to give a posie to the Duchess of Gloucester I was thrilled to bits. I am the first one in my family to meet royalty and it was a great honour.

I have been attending St John, Barry Division, for about two years now and I have five badges so far and also my bronze paw. My badges are Healthy, First Aider, Active, Hungry, and My World. We learn about how to look after ourselves and other people and also we do crafts and make things on special occasions like Father’s Day. I became a Badger because the Badger Leader is Gill and she used to be my childminder when I was little. Her house was filled with badger ornaments and anything to do with badgers!

On the day I met the Duchess my dad took me to the Lifeguard Station at Barry Island. I met up with some of the other Badgers and Cadets from other divisions. When the Duchess was getting close to the Lifeguard Station we all had to get into positions, I was at the end of the line holding the posie of flowers. When she came in she shook everyone’s hand and I gave her the posie. She was really, really nice. It was the best day ever!

Owain Woodfin, age 10.

High Street Primary School