WITH UKIP doing really well in the recent poll I wonder if this will now mean that the political parties will now change their tune on both the EU and immigration?

Considering that the Vale of Glamorgan is usually a swing seat and UKIP topping the poll here I wonder what it will mean for next years General Election.

The point is that in the Vale Labour did not come top or even second but a disastrous third. For them this is a disaster as it is a seat they are probably hoping to win. I just wonder is this something to do with the way Labour are poorly running the Vale Council or could it be due to the fact that health is poorly run by Labour here in Wales and reflected in the vote.

No, I am not a UKIP supporter or member but at the end of the day they won and we must get to the bottom of why? Was it just a protest? Was it just people are sick of the mainstream parties? Or was it they feel that they are not being listened too?

Finally, I wonder if we will now see Labour change their policies on immigration and promise a referendum on the EU? I agree we do need reform on the agenda - so could this be the start of it for all parties?

Councillor Richard Bertin

Independent, Vale of Glamorgan Council