REGARDING the picture of Army Cadets submitted by Edward Fearn (Barry & District News, May 8).

My name is Bernard Daly, I am in the second row third from the left. This is quite an old photograph, possibly around 1972/1973?

I moved to Kent some years ago and the photograph was kindly passed to me by my nephew from Barry, Sean Daly.

Edward 'Eddy' Fearn was a good friend of mine at the time as was Ernie Dunnett (second row, first on the left, just behind Eddy).

Unfortunately, too long ago to remember many of the other lads in the photograph, but think that Ian Howells may be on the top row centre?

I would like to pass on my best regards to Eddy through this letter, and thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Bernard Daly

Via email