IT is felt that a response is warranted to the article about the Palmerston Education Centre (Barry & District News, May 8).

Mr Cairns did not issue “inaccurate accusations” or cause “undue worry.” He was given the information by concerned residents and users of the centre and asked for assistance with the situation, as Mr Moore didn’t seem to be too concerned. Mr Cairns made enquiries with The Amelia Trust and was sent an email confirming the rumours.

If the centre was never due to close then why had staff, tutors and students been told that they would be moving to different premises in September and would be sharing a building with OLC and Barry College.

Mr Moore knew that people were asking what was going on so why didn’t he let it be known that the centre would not be moving and would be staying as it is.

The residents described as angry were no such thing. The only anger that was displayed was by Mr Moore himself, shocking the residents with his very abrupt manner and attitude.

Concerned residents and users of Palmerston Education Centre