I HAVE to agree with the recent letter from Bassett residents about how good the roads have been resurfaced in the Vale Labour Leader's ward of Cadoc (Barry & District News, May 8).

Sadly, it does always seem to be that the Court ward is last on the pecking list when jobs are to be done.

Rightly as it states in the letter is that Everard Street was programmed to be done last year. When I enquired I was given a revised date and promised by officers that the works would be done properly. There has disappointingly been no progress since and I would like to know why not? In fact I will be taking this up yet again with the Head of Service Miles Punter. Because we the council tax payers of this town certainly deserve much better from this Labour-led Vale Council.

Yet again, I will also complain about the wall at Bassett Park. It is totally wrong to be left in this state for so long. This damaged wall is a security and safety risk for children who will soon be playing in this park.

It is time for action.

Councillor Richard Bertin

Independent Member

Barry Court Ward