REGARDING the picture of Woolworths staff taken in the 1950s submitted by reader Dorothy Williams (Barry and District News, May 1).

I have some information that may be useful. My mum Emilia Anderson recognises quite a few of the faces in the picture, including my late father Bramwell William Anderson situated on the far right of the picture in between the two ladies standing at the front of the shot. My mum knows the gentleman next to my dad as "Nick". Although she doesn't know his surname.

She also knows some of the ladies in the very front row. Second from left Stephanie Lewis, third from left Dot Hughes. Far right in the front row Jill Balldock, who my mother is still in contact with and next to Jill in white top, Dot Thompson.

My mum recognises the lady in the very back row dark top, white spiky collar as Pattie - the lady responsible for setting my mum and dad up on their first date.

She was thrilled to see this photograph as it has brought back some lovely memories.

Claire Escott

Via email