JUST when you thought the Vale Council couldn't stoop any lower, they have now outdone themselves.

Despite hitting the Vale residents with one of the highest Council Tax rises, cutting services, increasing parking charges etc, they are now considering on top of all this using volunteers to run several libraries within the Vale. Library services across the Vale are being cut with shorter working hours and less staff. I have no doubt that there are good people willing to offer their services to help run these libraries but it is a disgusting proposal by the Vale Council. Perhaps Neil Moore the leader would like to prise himself out of his £700 comfy chair paid for by the Vale taxpayer and get his hands dirty and be the first to volunteer to help. Neil Moore is once again pleading poverty and stating that cuts have to be made. We all know where these cuts should come from and its from the Vale Council themselves.To give us this pleading poverty rubbish when they can fork out over £250,000 to make themselves more comfortable in the council chamber is pure hypocrisy.

D J Radford

Coleridge Crescent