WHAT a brilliant job has been done on the recently resurfaced Melrose Street, Oban Street, and Lanover Street.

Why is it though Bassett residents always end up with rubbish jobs.

Everard Street was due to be resurfaced on October 14, 2013. The job was cancelled as the machine was broken. A new date of Monday, October 28, 2013 was given, but it was pouring down with rain, and the machines waited on Holton Road for the rain to ease. Work started at 1.30pm (no stripping of old tarmac) job completed by 3.15pm (1 3/4 hours). What a bad job. All you can hear when cars drive in the street is the loose gravel. We have complained to the council without a response. Who paid for this tatty job?

Bassett Park has a partly collapsed wall since October 20, 2013, we were informed the wall would be replaced. Another tatty job done. Surely, until the wall is replaced, the park should be closed for safety reasons. The summer holidays are coming soon – please can we have some action. It’s too late when children have been injured.

Bassett residents