I STROLL through the woodlands of Porthkerry Park

Blessed with primroses, violets, daffodils and cowslips

Making it an alluring rainbow of colour.

I admire murals of the local area

And enjoy the soothing sound of a stream

As I walk over a quaint Hobbit-style bridge,

Spring sunshine adding to the lovely view,

My problems dissolved like the morning view.

Birds sing, a squirrel scurries up a tree

And then the grand viaduct greets my eyes,

Sun shining through one of the mighty arches

Adorning it with a celestial glow.

I have ice cream outside the cafe

As children laugh in the play area,

Dismal winter days consigned to the past,

I savour this time for nothing can last.

As I saunter by man-made rock pools

With excited kids casting their nets.

Now the verdant green is replaced

By the pebbles of Porthkerry Bay

And a tanker moves imperceptibly

Across a channel sparkling with silver gems.

This is a most wonderful place to be,

Just for a while you can set yourself free.

Guy Fletcher