WE READ with interest the article in the Barry &District dated February 27, 2014 entitled 'Consultants have vision of Vibrant Town Centre'.

There was also a further article in another newspaper where the Plaid Cymru Councillor Ian Johnson expressed disappointment that the Burton Store will be closing down soon. His call was to attract new and independent stores to the town centre.

Park Crescent is a bustling little community shopping area that boasts 30+ small shops / businesses and has been for many years but rarely gets recognised by our Town Council.

We would argue that Park Crescent is THE major thoroughfare to Barry Island, and we see thousands of cars, buses and coaches passing by on a regular basis with many more when the weather is favourable.

The traders here have endured falling takings since the Sainsbury store was approved and opened and although some have had to sadly close many others struggle on with no support from the local Council, nor recognition of what we provide to the community.

If you look at the 'Investing in Barry' page on the VOG website you will see this comment :- Residents have easy access to country parks, a selection of beaches (including the award-winning Whitmore Bay on Barry Island) and a choice of shopping centres from the main centre in Holton Road to High Street in the west end of the town.

Directions to Barry Island on the website reads as follows:- By road: Situated approximately 10 miles west of Cardiff, signposted from the A4055 and the A4050.

So it appears that the council are happy to guide people to Barry Island via the A4050 (Park Crescent) but not want to inform investors / residents that there is a friendly shopping community here.

We are unsure of the exact current turnover of all the shops within Park Crescent but feel certain it represents a reasonable proportion of the annual spend in the town.

Most of the businesses here have been trading for many years without asking for any help or needing any additional attention.

Now the council feel the need to regenerate shopping areas that have had millions spent on them previously and try to attract new businesses into the Town we have to ask the question, “why not start with trying to keep the businesses that you already have here?� We feel the need to stand up and let these Consultants and The Vale of Glamorgan Council know that we are here, and we would like to relay this message to them

Please don't overlook us again and could you maybe set aside a little of your planned regeneration monies / thoughts & efforts into Park Crescent?

Regenerating this area could revitalise business and improve the perception of people as they visit and / or drive through to, Barry and the Island.

Park Crescent Traders

via e-mail