FOR a great number of weeks there has been a constant noise from the quarrying and the crushing of stone at Crystal Springs which is on the periphery of a conservation site.

When planning permission for a care home was applied for nothing was said to us local residents about the amount of noise that the quarrying and crushing of stone would make. In fact that any quarrying would take place was never mentioned, it was called groundworks, I’m sure that if the planning officer had mentioned this fact that there would have been a far greater number of objections to the proposed building of this home. I thought that the amount of quarrying that has taken would require a licence. Another point I wish to make is that if trees on a property have to be pollarded or felled, planning permission is usually needed, yet mature ash, pine, hawthorn and witch elm have been uprooted and disposed of on this site, but I’ve not seen any applications in the local press seeking permission for this to take place.

Tom Clemett

Church Road