I HAVE been a social member of Brynhill Golf Club for many years, but I wish to point out an anonymous letter regarding Astro-turf and a garden shed which could be interpreted as being sent by myself (Barry & District News, March 20).

The person who wrote this letter is a coward to remain anonymous.

The shed referred to in this letter is entirely a matter concerning the golf club, as it was originally sited there. This person should have got their facts right before commenting upon them.

Secondly, the large rolls of Astro-turf have been dumped against my wooden fence, not theirs.

I have not made any representations to the golf club yet, as I have been, and still am unwell, so did not want the hassle at the moment.

The anonymous letter writer has forced me to respond. Thanks.

I have now written to the golf club regarding the Astro-turf.

Chris Doble

Hellas Drive