SO the Labour-led Vale of Glamorgan Council has decided to ramp up our council tax by a further 4.5 per cent.

This is a bitter blow to those who are already struggling and will pile more financial hardship on to families.

It is shameful that Labour who are supposedly there for the working class can do this to them. Last year we had a 4.8 per cent increase and this year a 4.5 per cent increase which clearly shows that Labour are prepared to tax us to the hilt even in these tough times.

Some people belief the answer is to merge with Cardiff. Well my thoughts on this is do we really want more of the same? I did not vote in favour of a merger with Cardiff because I know this would be a backward step and a takeover for the people of Barry and the Vale. It is about standing up for what I feel is best for the area and a “greater Cardiff” with less of a say is not it.

The only way to make a real difference is to vote those you are unhappy out at the next council election. We have had the blues, now we have the reds and they have proved themselves to be both the same. We can make a difference in the Vale but only with the right leadership and vision and so far we have been let down.

Councillor Richard Bertin

Barry Independent

Vale of Glamorgan Council