COMMUNITY Health Councils, the network of independent watchdogs throughout Wales, are seeking to support the review being undertaken on behalf of Welsh Government on the way the NHS complaints procedure works in Wales.

We want to listen to people who have made complaints and identify whether complaints are taken seriously, investigated fairly and thoroughly and used to avoid similar problems in future. We need to find out if what can seem a complex process is being fully explained to complainants and that the responses they receive from the health authorities are sensitive, clear and timely. We are aware that the approach to complaints and complainants varies across Wales and we are equally keen to hear of good experiences as well as poor practice so that we can help guide those dealing with complaints in the right direction.

Accordingly we are inviting patients and carers to a series of events held across Wales who have recent experience of making a complaint about any aspect of NHS care. A “listening forum” to be held on March 14, at 6pm at Ferrier Hall, City Hall in Cardiff is the first of a series of these events across Wales. There will be the opportunity to share your experiences, good or bad, in discussion with others or to give your views. If you are unable to attend there will still be an opportunity to convey your experiences in complete confidence via our e-mail address

All the information that we gather from patient experiences will be fed directly into the review of Putting Things Right.

Cathy O’Sullivan

Acting Director of the Board of Community Health Councils