I FEEL sure the the vast majority of the people of the Vale would like to see the best for the area when it comes to the proposed merger of the Vale of Glamorgan Council with Cardiff Council.

It is important therefore that we have a full and proper debate on this matter. This is a far too important issue to just be rushed through. It should not just be us the politicians who has a say on this matter but you the public who we are elected to serve.

I’m sure if the merger goes ahead Barry will come out the loser with a merger with Cardiff – money is tighter now than it used to be and out of choice, they are much rather to spend on the capital feeding us just the crumbs.

I wonder if we really will see improvements under 'Greater Cardiff’, and of course I’m sure money will be spent on Queen Street rather than Holton Road.

It’s is important therefore we know exactly what is at stake for the Vale of Glamorgan, what we are to lose they are sure to gain.

Make sure you have your say.

Councillor Richard Bertin

Barry Independent

Vale of Glamorgan Council