I WRITE with reference to the licence application for Nells point Barry Island.

We at Barry First Group are not impressed with this application for the following reasons.

Firstly, this site has been vacant for over 16 years and we note that our erstwhile council and its officials have allowed much money to be wasted on what should be done with the site. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money has been totally wasted on consultants fees only to find that the Vale Council do not wish for the obvious solution to materialise.

An offer was made to the council via the office of the major projects manager John Dent as far back as 2009/2010 from The Caravan Club of Great Britain to set up a touring caravan and motorhome tourist site at this venue but the proposal was ignored or put on the back burner until further notice. The Caravan Club of Great Britain's proposals were supported by The Barry Town Council, The Cardiff Wales Airport, Cardiff Bus and Arriva Trains Wales, most importantly it was noted in The Humberts report as being the less risky option for the site. Since theses proposals were received and subsequently ignored by The Vale Council a further £800,000 plus of taxpayers money has been spent on consultants fees and a temporary car park on this site. We at Barry First Group have copies of all the letters to John Dent from The Caravan Club of Great Britain and the aforementioned bodies including an extraction from The Humberts report favouring a tourist caravan park. If the plans for these outrageous proposals to create an event centre such as is proposed by The Vale Council, the letters we have in our files will be released for public scrutiny and hopefully it will bring justice to the people and traders of Barry Island. We have had seventeen years of incompetence by all previous administrations on the Vale Council and we now feel enough is enough and that certain heads should roll. We at Barry First Group and Barry Voice will no longer tolerate the incompetence and waste of taxpayers money any longer.

Barrie V Evans

Co-ordinator Barry First Group/Barry Voice