THE past anarchy of the parking system at Llandough Hospital was primarily due to the General Manager, Peter Welsh, employing parking attendants who permitted indiscriminate parking.

So it's good to hear he's upbeat about improvement from bringing in 'ParkingEye' to do what the hospital failed to do for years (Barry and District News, February 13).

The Health Minister told me at his surgery that providing bus services into the hospital was a condition on the health service funding of the new car parks and access road. So why does Peter Welsh write of "if... bring public transport back"?

The Vale Over-50s Forum has been pressing for buses to the hospital entrance and their chairman (Michael Edwards) reported that 'ParkingEye' was getting all the proceeds from the £70 charges that they impose for parking violations and that the Vale Council had set this charge.

So NHS funds build the car park and a private firm does not even give back a share of the proceeds. The concept of car-parking charges going in part to subsidise bus services is part of normal traffic policies, approved in the courts.

So why, Mr General Manager, are the £70 charges all going to private profits rather than subsidising frequent and efficient buses to the hospital?

Max Wallis

Westbourne Road