WHILST walking my dog at Cosmeston Lakes I have come to the conclusion that there are three kinds of dog walkers using this lovely park.

Firstly there are the totally responsible people who keep their dogs under control and pick up after them, disposing of the waste responsibly.

Secondly there are the totally irresponsible people who let their dogs foul wherever they please with no attempt to pick up after them. These people cause danger to the health of children, other park users and to the environment. Shame on you.

And then there are the totally mysterious people who put the clean bags (usually the blue variety supplied free of charge by the council, at taxpayer's expense) in their pockets as they start their walk. They dutifully pick up after their dogs, tie a neat knot in in the handles, then dump it on the path or, and this is where the mystery really deepens, they hang the bag, by it's handles, on the branch of a tree, then walk away. Perhaps one of you mysterious people who practises this strange behaviour could contact us so that you can explain to us the customs on your own planet. We could, in turn, explain to you why should practise the responsible behaviour of dog ownership on our planet.

Lynda Francis