THE Welsh Government Planning Department’s suggestion that an evidence-based approach to the Vale of Glamorgan Local Development Plan should be ignored is both surprising and odd.

Based on population increases and smaller household sizes (ie that fewer people will live in each house), the LDP recommends 9,950 houses be built between 2011 and 2026.

However, last year I showed that 2011 census figures were well below the anticipated population growth in the Vale of Glamorgan and that household sizes were larger than expected.

The Welsh Government’s Planning Department accept that these statistics show we require 2,800 fewer houses, but then argue that Welsh Government population estimates should be ignored and the houses built regardless.

Such a response is quite disturbing, reflecting a 'build at all costs' attitude rather than engaging with facts and recognising that the need for housing in the Vale has been over-stated.

Housing should be built on brownfield sites and our LDP should reflect real local need.

Of course, if we are forced to merge with Cardiff Council then a whole new LDP will be needed, with far greater pressures on transport and the green fields around Barry and the Vale.

Cllr Ian Johnson

Plaid Cymru – the Party of Wales

Gladstone Road