THE Welsh Senate of Older People is an independent, amalgamated force, combining the four national organisations – National Old Age Pensioners Association of Wales, National Pensioners Convention Wales, Older People’s Advisory Group Wales and Pensioners Forum Wales – and local organisations of older people, to work together to empower older people across Wales to have a stronger voice.

The Welsh Senate of Older People was officially launched on Friday, October 1, 2010, when representatives of the Welsh Government were invited to sign a charter, committing to promoting the Senate and its aims. Since the launch, the Welsh Senate of Older People has grown to include over fifty older people’s organisations.

The Senate’s aims are to identify issues for older people in Wales and to bring those issues to the attention of the government and the public. There are ongoing campaigns about public toilets, dangerous pavements and recycling and refuse assisted collection.

A working group has been established to identify and combat negative references in the media relating to older people. The Welsh Senate of Older People is dedicated to changing perceptions of older people and celebrating the positives of ageing.

For more information about the Welsh Senate of Older People, email or write to:

Welsh Senate of Older People

T? John Pathy

13/14 Neptune Court

Vanguard Way

Cardiff CF24 5PJ

John Vincent

Chair, Welsh Senate of Older People