IT'S well-known that official housing projections are exaggerated, due to be revised down.

This edict from the Welsh Government will surely bring the Vale Council to address the arguments (Barry & District News, Penarth Times, January 9).

Cardiff Council obtained a report to support their LDP going below the projections, though it still aims too high. Why should our part of the city-region provide for high in-migration and Cardiff overspill in the Vale, rather than in areas better connected transport-wise and needing regeneration?

The Vale LDP chose to use the 2008 population projection of the WG, rather than the lower 2011 census figure. It assumed 2008 projections of household size, on the excuse of waiting for new projections. Yet the 2011 figure did not show the predicted drop, and the expectation it will drop to 2.05 persons per household (from the present 2.32) is fantasy.

Mike Carney of Cowbridge and Dr Ian Johnson of Barry have both pointed out that realistic projections come up with 6000 to 7000 homes up to 2026.

Barry and Vale FoE think even these numbers are likely to be ‘unsustainable’, especially as the LDP has no proposals for the necessary high-quality transport links.

So let’s see the Vale Council rejecting the WG edict and the ‘developers charter’ for high growth in the eastern Vale and select villages.

Max Wallis

Westbourne Road