I RECENTLY contacted the cemeteries department to ask for their help in locating the graves of my sisters who died in 1955 and 1956.

I requested this information so that my family could place a cross on the plot they are buried in as, since their deaths, there has been nothing to signify where they are buried. To his credit the graves were pinpointed exactly by the warden at the cemetery, thus enabling us to get a small cross made, which has now been planted at the plot.

In 1955, my mum gave birth to triplets (three girls), all who died within a week of being born. In 1956, she gave birth to another set of triplets (three girls again), all who again died within a week of being born. In those days this was a very rare occurrence, and my mum was awarded the Queen’s Bounty, which was a small sum of money, due to the fact that this was a very rare occurrence.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the warden for all the help given in order that my family can now visit the cemetery and place flowers on the graves of my sisters, it is very much appreciated.

Michal McGregor

Cwrt Y Ala Road