OVER a great number of years, far more than I care to remember, the Barry Town Hall clock always used to herald in the New Year, this year stayed silent because the clock has been out of action for quite a few weeks.

I know that the Vale Council have bought new and as they said far more comfortable seating but if they haven’t noticed that the town hall clock had stopped then those chars are far too comfortable for them and they must have all dropped off to sleep, that’s if they are still in this country and haven’t sloped of to a warmer climate for the last few weeks.

I have also noticed that the Watchtower and the Rocket Shed at the Old Harbour is up for sale, I’ve always understood that the rocket shed is on land belonging to the White House, as permission to use it was given to the Scouts by Alan Reardon Smith and not the council.

I wonder what the Vale council will try and sell off next, Heydock House has been sold, the nursing home in Woodlands Road paid for by donations from Barry residents and left to fall into disrepair, sold and is to be demolished. Brecon Court is now looking as though his too will be closed and the land sold off, now the clock has stopped on the Town Hall, is that going to be the first step in the lack of maintenance of the Town Hall, then its closure and sell off.

Tom Clemett

Church Road