THE lack of imagination and application being shown by our council over the proposed sale of our Watchtower at the Knap is astounding.

This listed building has stood in Barry since the 1860s. It is an asset that should not be passed into private hands. Not only is the building situated in a very prominent position on a public beach, but it is an icon building that has been used many times to promote our town. What if a private owner decided to build a wall around it or turn it into flats? There is also a public footpath that runs between the two buildings that comprise the Watchtower and ‘Rocket shed’, are our council going to sell that also? If our council can spend over £50,000 pounds on new chairs and pay some of their staff over £100,000 pounds a year, the very least they can do is think of the future prosperity of our town and save our Watchtower.

Glyn Pooley


Canonhill Artspace

Canon Street