IN answer to the letter from Christopher Short titled ‘what has happened to ‘The Barry Riviera?‘ (Barry & District News, February 14).

Well the answer is that it is very much alive and splashing - across social media and other what are called ‘viral channels’.

Next time the reader Tweets about Barry I hope he’ll add the hashtag #BarryRiviera to further spread the word.

Anyone can check out and add their voice to the Barry Riviera campaign at the Barry IdeasBank – In the time it takes to write a letter you can register and start adding your own ideas and do your bit to make Barry yet better.

The ‘Barry Riviera’ idea is about enabling each and every one of us to play a part in sharing the message. Pride in Barry and the Flexible Thinking Forum didn’t commission any agency to deliver a PR programme. To help us get a campaign off the ground, PR and communications agency Working Word, however, kindly provided some eye-catching graphics free of charge, so anyone could promote the area online.

Modern-day marketing is no longer only about placing adverts but is also about being creative in enabling others to spread your word using powerful social media, like Twitter.

Last year the campaign secured prominent publicity for Barry. Let’s hope the hashtags used on Twitter - #BarryRiviera and #Barrybados - keep spreading the word about Barry.

Andy Green Flexible Thinking Forum Pioden For Barry Island