SO the secret’s out, ‘Political Games’, Neil Moore, Barry and District News, February 14: but some council observers have been aware for a few years that councillors have been holding secret meetings about school closures.

It must have been among the Vale’s poorest kept secrets. The only difference is that schools have apparently been named, albeit in a secret session.

So much for the transparency we’ve been promised. But who are the alarmists and who is to be blamed? Well there is no shortage of suspects within the council leader’s letter.

They include the local conservative MP; the conservative leader in the Assembly; the press; the Welsh Government; a task and finish group; scrutiny committee, and head teachers. And given the statement that the “code of conduct .. may have been breached” councillors and staff could also be under suspicion.

Cabinet are obviously in the clear because we are told they have “simply received the report” and have yet to consider the issue.

The council leader goes on to observe that reducing surplus school places equates to a saving of £960,000: by coincidence that is very close to the sum councillors were paid during the last financial year.

I know what I’d prefer my taxes spent on.

Dennis Harkus FocusBARRY supporter