IT is with great sadness that I learnt of the passing away of dear Charlie Dyke (Barry & District News, January 10). It is some years since we last saw each other. In the late 1950s and all through the 1960s we were real friends, through our involvement in the game of football, myself as a referee, and Jenner Park’s and Barry Town’s one and only Charlie Dyke.

Charlie was not only a good footballer but was involved in many other jobs at Jenner Park.

In my days the local referees’ society was granted all the facilities at Jenner Park for training purposes every Tuesday night. Not many took up this offer but I – with a few others – did, and more often than not Charlie was around offering his help.

During those years I progressed as a referee, firstly in the Barry & District League, then through the Welsh League, the full English league, and finally to FIFA’s list of referees. In all those years Charlie was always interested in my progress and also a great help, as he had played at quite a lot of grounds that I was to referee at. His help and encouragement was of immense value and comfort to me. During all those happy years we had many chats about football. Never once did I ever hear Charlie mention anything detrimental about any person, player, or referee . What the present day’s game of football could do with is a few more like Charlie Dyke.

Haydn D Davies Ex FIFA Referee