THERE have been many disturbing and tragic headlines recently about accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists on our roads.

My condolences go to the victims and families who have suffered losses as a result. As a councillor I have frequently raised the issue of safety on the stretch of the A4055 between Dinas Powys and Barry – arguing for a reduction in speed limits and a dedicated cycle path which can also be used as a safer pedestrian route, rather than both pedestrians and cyclists dodging the traffic on the road. It is absurd and in my opinion, most negligent, of those who have the power to effect change, that there is no safe route which can be used between Dinas Powys and Barry; and I call on the South East Wales Transport Alliance, of which the Vale is a member, to urgently carry out safety measures to protect both cyclists and pedestrians travelling on this route.

We have improved safety on the Docks link road, following consistent pressure from the Scrutiny Committee, which I chaired on the Vale Council, after many lives were lost.

We must not wait for further deaths on the A4055 before we take the necessary action to protect the hundreds of vulnerable users of this road.

Cllr Christopher Williams Vale Council