I AM writing this letter to complain about an ambulance man who picked up my 89-year-old nan, who is in a wheelchair, from the University Hospital of Wales on Tuesday, December 11.

My granddad saw an ambulance pull up outside the hospital and noticed that the people getting on were the same who were on the one that took him and my nan to the hospital from Barry that morning. He pushed my nan in her wheelchair to the ambulance only to be told by the man that he couldn’t get on and that he would have to go to the office and book.

My granddad explained that he had been waiting on the concourse for just over an hour and a half and that he had already booked the return ambulance. He also explained that the people who were on the ambulance were the same people on it that morning and therefore it must be going to Barry.

The man was still insisting he could not get on as it was full, even though my granddad could clearly see that with a little bit of organising there was room for him, my nan and the wheelchair.

Luckily for my granddad the driver got out to ask what the delay was so my granddad explained. The driver then made a simple phone call to the office and was told my nan and granddad were booked on the ambulance.

I would therefore like to thank the driver for his help.

As for the man who obviously could not be bothered I would like him to improve his attitude, especially towards the elderly! He will reach their age one day and I am sure he wouldn’t like to be spoken to and treated the way he treated them.

Sian Lewis

Via e-mail