ALUN Cairns accuses the Labour Party of being disingenuous and playing with words about action on the Local Development Plan (View from Westminster, Barry & District News, November 29). I think he must be looking in a mirror rather than through a telescope. He is twisting and turning words and information to try to make party political capital out of an election promise made and in the process of being delivered.

He claims that notes of a meeting between the Labour-led Vale Council and Welsh Government about the inadequate LDP show the Labour Party was planning just ‘focused changes’ to the old LDP.

‘Focused changes’ are usually the next stage in the standard LDP process, so they had to be discussed. I notice Mr Cairns’ article does not inform his constituents that the latest report to the Vale Council cabinet on the LDP specifically recommends rejecting the option of focused changes to the old LDP in favour of replacing it.

There are certainly major issues to be addressed in the new LDP, not least the question of new homes – how many and where, as well as transport and other infrastructure to sustain such development. No-one denies that we need more homes in the Vale, and whether we have new homes or not, there will be more people living, working and travelling within the same area. The Labour-led council is dealing with these issues responsibly and honestly. It would help if Mr Cairns could do the same.

Cllr Rhona Probert Vale of Glamorgan Council