REGARDING the Looking Back picture of the Evan Street party (Barry & District News, November 1), which was submitted by Tricia Shord (nee Fountain).

I think it must have been taken just after the war ended as my brother was home on leave with the Airborne before being sent to Palestine. He is in the picture on the right with the Ludvigson family, the Elliotts and Nancy Cahill (sitting) who would have been about two years younger than me (about 17).

Tommy Roberts (on bike) would have been about 12. Mrs Evans from number four would often pull her piano out onto the pavement and we would have a dance. The soldiers would also come from the Vic to join in and have a glass of my mother’s homemade beetroot and parsnip wine and dance the night away.

If it rained Harfoots would pull their lorries out of the garage and let us use them. Those were the days we miss now!

M Westcott (Rees) Southey Street Barry