MY poor dog was attacked on Sully beach on Saturday, July 21, at about 10am. A big brown dog attacked him with a middle-aged lady walking it. She walked away saying her dog had never done it before.

I want her to know the pain and upset this has caused my poor dog because of her animal not being on a lead and not under control. He has been to the vets every Friday for the last eight weeks having his dressing changed, after having his achilles tendon screwed to the bone because it had snapped when he was attacked. He hasn’t been able to go for a walk since the incident and still can’t - he is only allowed out the back for the toilet. The vet still can’t say if the operation has been 100 per cent successful. I really hope the lady can read this in the paper and put a lead or a muzzle on her dog.

Helen Germon Hayes Road Sully