PUPILS who developed a bug for finding bugs have welcomed a variety of creepy crawlies into their school after winning a national competition.
Youngsters from Gwenfo Church In Wales school proved their habit for exploring habitats was top of the class when they were announced winners of this year's Great Bug Hunt competition.
The 168-pupil school won a chance to handle a variety of insects - ranging from millipedes to tarantulas.
The Association for Science Education's learning resource site schoolscience.co.uk teamed up for a second year with The Bug Man Martin Rapley to take science learning out of the classroom and bring it to life in the outdoors.
Primary school children taking part in the competition spent their time exploring habitats before recording their observations in drawings, photos and poems.
ASE's Director of Professional and Curriculum Innovation, Marianne Cutler said: "The Great Bug Hunt competition is a brilliant way of bringing science to life for children and shows you can go on a journey of discovery in your own backyard.
"Not only does the competition do a great job of capturing children's imagination, it also fits in well with the science curriculum.
"Using the natural environment when teaching is an important part of science education and something the ASE strongly advocates through its Outdoor Science Working Group."
Gwenfo Church Primary School in Wales won the top prize, a bug day at the school on July 13, where they get to come close up with creepy crawlies such as scorpions and tarantulas.
Gwenfo Church Primary School used the bug hunt theme for their annual science week.
The school's science co-ordinator Jen Ford said:  "We went to the school grounds and some of the habitats in the immediate vicinity. During the week each class looked for bugs in a different habitat.
"By the end of the week, we had looked in seven different habitats, the meadow, vegetable garden, the forest schools area, the church yard, the orchard field and the village pond and stream."
"We found over 40 different types of bugs and had a fantastic time."