ST RICHARD Gwyn Catholic High School saw 80 per cent of pupils achieve grades A to C in another fantastic GCSE results day for the school.

At least five A to C grades including Maths and English was achieved by 60 per cent of students.

Acting Headteacher Stephen Lord said: "Every child left with a qualification that they can then use in their future, which is a very important for us.

"Overall we've had some excellent results this year, we've surpassed all our targets.

"The students have been fantastic, their commitment to learning and setting themselves up for the future has been phenomenal."

Mr Lord also thanked his dedicated staff for all their hard work.

Some of the school's top performers were Nuria Horner with seven A*s and six As, Heulwen Hill with seven A*s, three As and one B, Rhys Buckley with six A*s, four As and one B, Samantha De Guia with six A*s, three As and one B, Sammy Sutton with four A*s, six As and one B, Reeta James with four A*s, six As and one B, Daniel Clements with 11 As, Emilia Bailey with three A*s, three As and five Bs, Rachel Colligan with one A*, six As and four Bs, Kevin Jacewicz with 1A, 6As, 2Bs, Elinor Power with two A*s, five As and four Bs, Jade Saif with one A*, six As and four Bs, Joshua Stafford with one A*, seven As and two Bs, Jordan Taylor with two A*s, six As, and three Bs, Olivia Yarr with seven As and four Bs, Kira Webber with four A*s, three As and four Bs, Ross Adams with seven As and four Bs and Bethan Williams with six As and four Bs.