PATIENTS and medical practitioners who want to hear ‘real patients’ talk about their illnesses, can now access a new smart phone or tablet app.

Clinically Speaking provides instant access to a growing collection of multimedia case studies of diseases, captured through the voices of real patients.

The app, for iphone and ipad, has been devised by Consultant endocrinologist, Professor Andy Levy, of Bristol Royal Infirmary,

He said: “Clinically speaking is for anybody who wants to see small videos of patients talking about their problems.

“Collected over more than two decades, the material is entirely unrehearsed and the camera handheld so that nuances of communication are captured in detail. Medical education often seems biased towards the mastery of examination skills. In the clinical arena, however, it's listening to patients rather than physical examination that is central to making the correct diagnosis and being able to help.”

20 cases free, but there are over 300 in total with the full app costing £4.99.