A NEAR miss that saw three people rescued from a car dangerously close to falling onto train tracks has sparked concerns about the state of railings on a Barry bridge.

Baruc ward councillor Steffan Wiliam has said that Network Rail, who are responsible for the railings on Park Avenue, need to make improvements or they may end up with a death on their hands.

In what is not the first incident of its kind on the street corner, last week a car crashed through railings and onto an embankment that overlooks train tracks.

A 13-year-old girl and a dog were pulled out of the car by witnesses, with two elderly women rescued from the front seats by emergency services.

The rusty railings gave way to the car, prompting concerns about the dangers of not having a more secure barrier on the corner.

Further concerns have been raised about the temporary barriers on the other side of the adjoining street - St Nicholas Road - which have been used in place of actual railings for several years.

Cllr Wiliam said that it was the responsibility of Network Rail to ensure the area is safe and also that he hoped that the Vale council would make it their business to remind the rail company of their duties.

"If there was a more secure barrier on Park Avenue," he said. "Cars would smash into it, the car's crumple zone would protect the driver, the car could go no further and the driver would be safe.

"Network Rail have to step up to the plate otherwise they might have a death on their hands."

He also pointed to the "triffid" like shrubs and bushes on their land as further proof that Network Rail "don't seem to care about their property".

A Network Rail spokesman said: "The purpose of the fence is to mark our boundary and protect against trespass on the railway line.

"In this instance we would welcome the opportunity of working with the local authority to investigate what opportunities may exist to protect the railway from vehicle incursion.”

The Vale Council's Operational Manager for Highways and Engineering, Mike Clogg, said: “The railings in question are considered to be the responsibility of Network Rail and the Council will be contacting them to discuss the repair and any possible improvements to the railings at this location."