RESIDENTS on a Barry housing estate said they are fed up with traffic clogging up the streets as the summer holidays fuels increased visitors.

Hundreds of people have descended, daily, on the Splashpad facility at Pencoedtre Fields, Gibbonsdown, as the warm, dry weather has encouraged families outdoors.

But Vale Council director of visible services, Miles Punter responding to the Gibbonsdown Residents Association on the day (Thursday July 31) a traffic regulation order will be advertised, for St Brides Way, said parking restrictions would be a guaranteed solution.

Residents say the park’s own parking allocation is full and vehicles, parking on St Brides Way and surrounding residential streets, could lead to a child suffering a serious or fatal injury.

The association also expressed concerns that emergency vehicles and public transport could face problems and said double yellow lines, which had been promised, had not materialised this year.

Residents suggested an area of the park be blocked to dog owners to avoid risk to children and that extra seating be provided.

Gibbonsdown Residents Association chairwoman, Molly Conway said: “The Vale Council has a duty of care to the residents. They have to do something now. We don’t think it’s asking too much.”

“Everyone is proud of the facility which we provided for the residents. We didn’t envisage it would be so popular with people coming from Bridgend and Porthcawl. We don’t want to stop peoples’ fun, but we want to ensure safety.”

Streets affected by temporary traffic cones, on St Bride’s Way, include Laleston, Michaelston, and Pendoylan Closes and Coychurch Rise.

Association member Jean Jones said: “There’s a huge area on the field where people could park during the time the Splashpad is open,” while fellow member Jeanette Pappas added: “People are not going to go there when it’s wet so it wouldn’t harm the field.”

Coychurch Rise resident, Karen said the Splashpad was a fantastic addition to the playing field, but it hadn’t properly been thought through.

She said: “Parking is an issue, cars doublepark on St Brides way and block up the side streets.

“Coychurch Rise suffers more than most. Cars even park on the grass verges. Access for disabled and large prams is not easy. There is not enough seating or waste bins and of course there are no toilets, so just where are all these visitors weeing?”

Mr Punter said: “The order, if implemented, would restrict parking along a section of St Brides Way during the summer season of 2015 and beyond. Such an order would displace some parking to nearby streets and we cannot restrict parking over a wider area without causing greater problems for residents and their visitors.”

He said the authority was looking at extending the parking arrangements by using an area of the field at peak times as overflow and he promised enforcement officer patrols would increase to help prevent dog fouling.

He also said the council was considering the introduction of a deck chair concession arrangement for the summer in future years.