REGIONAL AM Andrew RT Davies has responded to statements made by Vale Labour last week about Cardiff Airport saying that he believes the Welsh Labour Government has over-paid and that ‘Soviet-style’ government takeovers were far from ideal.

He added that the airport needed to work on attracting routes which would bring in new visitors to Wales - not just pack people off on their holidays.

“I want to see a successful Cardiff Airport and it is clear that there are a great number of local jobs dependent on its success," he said.

“That said, we have been clear all along that we do not believe that a Soviet-style government takeover is ideal. Neither do we believe that the Welsh Government paid a fair price for the airport. Particularly when you pitch Labour’s £50 million investment against the £1 paid by the Scottish Government for Prestwick International Airport.

“There has been some good news recently, not least in the return of Ryan Air after an eight year hiatus.

"But let’s be clear, Cardiff Airport needs more than a once weekly flight to the Costa Del Sol to return to its former glories. We need to be flying visitors in to Wales in large numbers, not just packing them off on their holidays.”