THE Vale council’s environmental health department took to the road last week to promote this year's Food Standards Agency campaign - ‘Don’t Wash Raw Chicken.’

The team also used the opportunity to promote Food Hygiene ratings and to offer hand washing demonstrations to members of the public and local schools.

Campylobacter, the bacteria found on raw or undercooked chicken, can be spread in a number of ways, from contamination of taps and work surfaces, to splashing while washing raw chicken; and just a few bacteria can cause illness.

The team visited local supermarkets and Barry Market to help raise public awareness of the hazards of washing raw chicken, and members of the public took part in practical hand washing by using UV cream and a UV light box to help identify areas of hands not washed properly.

The environmental health department also visited nine primary schools during the week to provide instructions on correct hand washing techniques.

Children were also asked to design and draw their own interpretation of a germ to be used in future environmental health campaign posters.

Vale council leader Cllr Neil Moore said: “Our environmental health team play a fantastic role in keeping residents of the Vale healthy and safe. The roadshow will have opened many people’s eyes to the hazards of washing raw chicken and how easily bacteria can spread, and the more aware people are, the safer they’ll be.”

More information about any food safety issues can be obtained from the environmental health department on 01446-709105 or visit