BARRY-based environmental group Friends of Barry Beaches holds its next beach clean on Sunday, June 29, meeting at 3pm adjacent the public toilets at Porthkerry.

All volunteers will be welcome to spend an hour helping clean the beach but remember to wear sun protection and plenty of water.

FoBB co-ordinator Cllr Rob Curtis said: “People love to visit our beautiful beaches at this time of year especially with this wonderful spell of warm weather. But, alas, so many people still leave their litter behind. No-one wants to visit a beach covered in litter so that is why we are so determined to keep our beaches litter free.

"Helping to clear litter from our beaches also protects our marine mammals and birds.”

Group secretary Verity Allely said: “We would also like to thank both Waitrose and Barry Town Council for supporting our work through their financial assistance.This support helps us purchase litter picking equipment and protective clothing for our hard-working volunteers.”