WHEN athletes from across the world unite in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games next month, the Vale of Glamorgan council will be hoping to inspire people into getting sporty.

The Vale Council’s Sports and Play Development Team are looking to inspire more people to become involved in sport and physical activity, whether as a participant, coach, or volunteer.

Using the Games as a springboard, the Make It Happen programme will raise awareness of opportunities available in community clubs and organisations across the Vale, as well as promoting community club opportunities through methods such as club taster sessions, and an information push via websites and social media.

They will also be organising a variety of events in the lead up to the games, such as the Dragon Sport Hockey Festival, the Netball League, and the Vale Junior G14 Festival, which will provide children with the opportunity to participate in Commonwealth sports such as table tennis and badminton.

During these events the children will be provided with information on how they can take part in these activities within sports clubs in their spare time.

The Vale Schools Para-Games - an athletics based sports day targeting disabled children aged five to 19 - will also take place.

On Saturday, July 26 a Family Sports Fun Day will be taking place on Kings Square and in Central Park, coinciding with the opening weekend of the Commonwealth Games.

To find out more about sporting activities in the Vale of Glamorgan contact the Sports and Play Development team on 01446 704793.