A HEART attack victim had his life saved on a train platform by a staff member who had taken First Aid training just months earlier.

Colin Thomas, 57, from Barry was travelling home from his son's birthday party with his wife, waiting for a train in Cardiff when he collapsed on the platform.

Slumping forward off a bench and with his lips turning blue, Colin's wife Pat shouted for help and Arriva Trains Wales Duty Manager Darren Haynes sprang into action.

He phoned an ambulance immediately and then began administering CPR.

“As far as I was concerned the man was dying and I gave him around 200 compressions before the paramedics arrived,” he said.

“I had recently been on an intensive three-day Arriva Trains Wales First Aid course which included resuscitation and I automatically went into the procedure.

“I did not feel nervous in any way - the incident emphasises the need for everyone on the stations to be qualified in First Aid.”

After the paramedics arrived and took over, Darren went on to comfort the family.

MrsThomas said: "Darren was brilliant. If it were not for him my husband would be dead, there are no two ways about it.”

Mr Thomas agreed, saying, "If it wasn’t for the help I received I would not be here.”

As a result of his actions Darren has been nominated for a Royal Humane Society award, which recognises life-saving interventions.