INSPIRATION can come from the strangest places, in this case trying to explain a playground taunt to someone in Prague.

Barry born and bred writer Gareth Davies, 43, who now lives and works in the Czech Republic capital, explained how a recollection of the insult, "Who's your father? The milkman?" sparked the writing of his ebook novel exploring the socio-political landscape of Thatcher-era South Wales.

The novel Maggie's Milkman is the story of a young, handsome Tory milkman who's lothario lifestyle in the South Wales valleys clashes with Thatcher's plans for the coal mining industry.

Gareth, who grew up in Barry during the 70s and 80s, explains: "Living with someone who is not from the same cultural background as you has you both explaining little cultural nuances that the other person doesn’t understand.

"At one stage I said 'Who’s your father? The milkman?'. In the 1970s and 1980s this was a popular taunt in playgrounds across Britain, in the days when men went to work and women stayed at home, but you don’t hear it so much nowadays. Why not?"

For Maggie's Milkman Gareth decided to branch out from writing online to selling his first book digitally, and already has plans to release a further two novels, one of which is about a disc jockey in Barry.

Speaking about his decision to self publish an ebook Gareth said: "Getting published is a lottery, it is more a matter of chance than talent.

"Digital publishing allows authors to do it themselves, put it out there. It is like a cottage industry, if people like it, they can get it, but if I wait for a publisher then maybe it will never be available.

"I would love one day to have a paper copy of the book but what is more important is that people get a chance to read it."

Maggie's Milkman is available to buy for ereaders at and for Kindles from