NOT many people can say they've met John Barrowman, Maurice Sendak, Kenneth Horne, Rex Harrison and Dudley Moore.

Sully author, Eileen Younghusband has, and these are among the figures she has written about in her book "Men I Have Known", which is up for this year's People's Book Prize.

Eileen, 92, won the prize last year for her book One Woman's War - the remarkable story of her crucial role in RAF Fighter Command during World War Two - and hopes she can repeat the achievement in 2014.

Men I Have Known sees Eileen chart her extraordinary encounters with famous figures and also give a unique, intimate and personal perspective on some of the most influential men of the 20th century.

As well as some characters hitherto unknown, Eileen writes about Winston Churchill, Edward Heath, Dylan Thomas, members of NASA, actors, politicians and even Idi Amin.

Eileen said: “I was lucky enough to win this award for my previous book, One Woman’s War. To be nominated again is a real honour and I truly appreciate the time readers take to vote.”

The People’s Book Prize is a literary competition open to all published authors and judged solely by the general public.

Voting is open until Friday, February 28 at