A DAD who refused to watch a baby delivery TV show had to deliver his own daughter!

Andrew Diamond, an unemployed builder from Penarth, stopped cooking his bacon sandwich to rush upstairs to the bedroom – where he turned midwife to deliver 8lb 4oz Darcie-Rose when his partner Emma Barnett, of Laleston Close, Gibbonsdown, Barry, went into labour.

Emma’s other two children Lili-Mai Barnett, now five, and Evan Diamond, now two, were born in hospital but the couple’s third child decided 20 minutes was enough time for her arrival at home at 8.50am last Thursday, March 7.

Darcie-Rose was greeted by ambulance crew and health staff 15 minutes later – after an ambulance operator had given 32-year-old Andrew home birth instructions.

Emma’s mum, Jacquie Barnett – herself a mum of three – alerted Andrew to Emma’s childbirth predicament after she had managed to get to the bed.

Andrew said: “Emma’s mum came in screaming “I need you.”

Andrew, faced with the baby’s head, added: “The ambulance operator was calm and explained what I had to do. He was awesome.

It was meant to be.

“Emma was always trying to make me watch One Born Every Minute, but I was never interested in it.

“There was 30 seconds of sheer horror and then I felt calm.

“The guy had to explain how to get the baby’s shoulders out because they were stuck.

“When she (Darcie- Rose) started crying and screaming that was a happy moment.”

Mum Emma, 27, said: “I knew nothing was going to stop the baby and somebody was going to have to deliver her.

“I thought the ambulance might get here in time, but she was fine.”

Sister Lili-Mai added: “I got home from school and found a baby girl. I’d been waiting for her for ages.

“She’s gorgeous.”

The family hanked the ambulance staff for their help and support.