A BARRY Island café has brought a cult US American food reality television show to the Vale shoreline - giving it a chip shop-style twist!

Island resident Craig O'Shea, who owns O'Shea's café and takeaway in the Western Shelter, has imported the Man v Food challenge - which in the USA sees star and food enthusiast Adam Richman explore "big food" offerings in American cities.

He then engages in an tough eating challenge in one of the eateries.

The Barry Island version involves a £25 meal. The person accepting the mission must devour extra large chips, extra large cod, three fishcakes, ten chicken nuggets, three sausages in batter, a buttered roll, a side of mushy peas and a side of curry sauce, plus a can of Pepsi and a large, thick milkshake - all in 30 minutes.

Successful eaters win the meal for free - but the first man to attempt the challenge, who hailed from Yorkshire, only got as far as the cod, nuggets, Pepsi, milkshake and one fish cake before having to put his knife and fork down.

Craig, 40, said: "He didn't even get half way!

"I am a big fan of the television programmes. It will be something different for Barry Island and create a bit of interest over the winter.

"A lot of girlfriends and wives egg their partners on in these challenges.

"We are going to keep it going indefinitely - as long as the interest is there."

The Barry Island Man v Food challenge can be undertaken between 11pm and 4pm on weekends.