A CHILDREN'S centre in Barry has received vital funding towards from the charity arm of the Barry & District News' parent company, Gannett.

Gibbonsdown Children's Centre was one of dozens of charities and community groups to apply for financial support from the Gannett Foundation, who back non-profit causes and activities across the UK.

And their request for the funding – intended to go towards extending an outdoor play and learning area – has now been granted.

Gibbonsdown Children's Centre caters for children aged between two and five in the Gibbonsdown area of Barry and relies largely on grants and government support to stay open. They provide a much-needed service to working parents and provide local children with a safe environment to play and learn during the day.

The centre will receive the full amount that they applied for to go towards redeveloping the outdoor area, totalling £1,415.

Centre manager Gill Munro said that the grant would come as an excellent boost to the centre, and the children they look after.

"It’s great for us because it’s hard having the extras, because we’re a charity," she said.

"Once things run out, to actually try and get them back up to where they originally were is really challenging.

"I look for little bits of funding all over the place, so when we get something it’s brilliant, we’re so excited."

Ms Munro added that the money was important for children in the Gibbonsdown area, particularly those less financially well off, to help provide the same opportunities and facilities as those in more affluent parts of the country.

The Gannett Foundation invites groups to apply for the funding every year, and provides support to registered charities in the areas where they operate local newspapers and websites.

The foundation supports registered charities with projects which take a creative approach to fundamental issues such as neighbourhood improvements, local problem-solving, economic development, youth enterprise, sport and healthy living, assistance to disadvantaged or disabled people, care of the elderly, environmental conservation, and educational or cultural enrichment.

Applications will be open for next year's grants in July 2018.