UNLICENSED TV viewers in Barry are more likely to get caught out by the authorities at evenings and weekends than during weekday daytime hours, according to new figures.

A recent study carried out by the TV Licensing authority showed that 56 per cent of TV Licence evaders in Barry were caught outside of traditional working hours, as enquiry officers focused efforts to target unlicensed addresses when occupants were most likely to be at home.

In total, 27 people in Barry were caught watching live TV or BBC programmes on iPlayer without a licence in July alone.

Richard Chapman, TV Licensing spokesperson for Wales, said: "Our officers knock on over 10,000 doors a day - one every five seconds.

"In 2016/17, we caught around 256,600 evaders from all walks of life. Officers can explain payment plans which spread the cost of a licence. We’d always rather help people pay than prosecute and encourage them to contact us for help and advice."

Ron Hand, TV Licensing Field Operations Lead, said: "In order to be fair to the majority who do pay for their licence, we’ll continue to pursue the small minority of people who do not pay. We make sure some of our visits are scheduled when popular programmes such EastEnders are aired or football matches are screened, outside normal working hours."

Enquiry officers focus their visits on unlicensed addresses where occupants have ignored previous attempts to make contact. TV Licensing continually refines the information used to select the time of visits, in order to effectively target unlicensed households.

The vast majority of first time evaders are not prosecuted if they buy a licence before their case is reviewed by the courts. Around 99 per cent of TV Licensing cases taken to court in England and Wales result in a conviction.

For more information about when a licence is needed, visit tvlicensing.co.uk/info