A BUSINESSMAN who says his mental illness left him feeling "ashamed" has formed a consultancy firm designed to help employers manage mental health in the workplace.

When Andrew Tamplin fell ill to mental health two years ago, the nervous breakdown he suffered came as a shock to him and his loved ones. After a long and successful career that had taken its toll, Mr Tamplin asked himself the question: "Are employers in the UK adequately investing in the health and wellbeing of their staff?"

He established the firm, 'Canna Consulting', which opened its new office in Sully last month, out of a personal need to tackle mental ill health in the work place.

The firm's mission is to break down barriers that are often associated with mental health by increasing the knowledge surrounding the subject. Since it’s founding, the company has helped organisations place mental wellbeing on their agenda, with Mr Tamplin leading seminars tackling the subject from a first-hand perspective.

Mr Tamplin said: "Change and understanding in a company needs to start at board level and with leaders. Developing the right culture that puts people first, that allows the discussion to happen around mental health will create a stronger and healthier organisation."

"I was ashamed of my mental illness and didn't recognise it. This shouldn't be the case. In any organisation we should be aware of the actions and practices that might hamper the wellbeing of employees. I'm a firm believer in the corporate responsibility organisations have towards their people."

According to Business In The Community’s 2016 mental health at work report, three in four employees have experienced symptoms of poor mental health. A further study, carried out by Mindful Employer, estimated the financial cost of mental illness to British businesses at £26 billion per year, equivalent to £1035 per employee.

For more information regarding Canna Consulting or the services they provide, visit their website or email cannaconsulting@aol.com.