A BARRY musician has penned a protest song to showcase his opinion on Biomass UK No.2’s application for a licence to operate.

Granddad Paul Duggan composed The Toxic Incinerator Gasification Blues, which took 20 minutes to write, and posted it on social media.

Mr Duggan, 46, said he didn’t know what evidence may prove, but he hoped the song would stimulate debate.

He has a granddaughter, daughter and son-in-law living in the fire risk zone, he added.

He said: “The Toxic Incinerator Gasification Blues certainly reflects what Stop The Barry Incinerator group is saying and if what they are saying is true then it’s my view too.

“I’ve been in contact with them and they want to use it. I say in the song that this is a war. I believe that this kind of thing is a war of profit versus people and just like any war it’s the innocent that get hurt. Those that govern should have the health of the people and the land prioritised. I read that it’s very difficult for local authorities to turn it down.”

He said he had just returned from Dublin in the Republic of Ireland where they had the same issue with an incinerator.

He said: “Fifty-four of the local councillors voted against it, but were overridden. It’s very difficult to understand exactly what’s going on, but it’s happening everywhere and the public outcry and protesting is the same. It seems that the powers-that-be have no problem stopping individuals from smoking in public places, but on the other hand don’t mind okaying incinerators all over the country.

They take one step forward and a giant step back. It’s hard to understand it.”

He added: “If the evidence against the incinerator is all true then this is a protest song. If the evidence isn’t true then it’s just a song. I don’t know what is or isn’t the truth. The other issues in the song are concerns that people have talked about. They may or may not be factual and the song is a kind of art form at the end of the day. Awareness of this problem may generate more information and debate.”